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What Makes For a Successful Website?

Give Your Website a Personality

Just like each of us has a personality, so does every successful website. It might not be something you have ever thought about, but it is undoubtedly true.

Look at any website, and you will find that it has a particular feel or style. It can be over‐the‐top, humorous, dark, playful, thought‐provoking, or even angry, but you will have to admit it has its personality.

If people keep returning to a particular website, it’s highly likely a result of the personality it exudes. It’s why, even though other sites are covering similar stuff, it still ranks highly.

Why do visitors tend to post more comments on certain types of websites? Again, the reason lies in the personality of those sites. The more successful websites have specific traits that are clearly defined through their content. People really like that, and that keeps them coming back for more.

Is there a personality development process for websites?

Strange as it may sound, yes. You can create a new or improve the personality of your existing website. Make this one of your primary considerations when building your website. A platform like WordPress has plenty of tools for use at your disposal.

When asking yourself, “What colour do I want my website to be?” or “What do I want the overall look of my site to be?”, you must also consider, “What personality do I want my website to have?”

You could make it funny or serious; you could make it personal or impersonal – it all depends on the tone and features you are using on your website.

For instance, you might go for a website with a “whatever” type of personality, but be sure that kind of persona will work with the kind of customer or follower you are targeting as well as the culture of your network marketing business, and that you are comfortable with it.

Keep in mind, unless you are hiring a professional copywriter, you will be the one who maintains and updates your website content. It will be a lot easier and a lot more fun if your site is an extension of you.

Remember, your website’s personality is a reflection of you and your business, so you should be extremely mindful of the message your website is communicating.

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