Peaceful Chaos

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This step by step guide will help you to master your emotions and eliminate anxiety

Knowing that you are going to experience change and transformation may not be enough to prepare you for the chaos that often comes with those changes. 

When you perceive your life as chaotic or you are apprehensive about possible changes that might be coming it can often affect your emotions. Anxiety is one of the worst feelings, making you feel out of control.

In Peaceful Chaos you will learn:

  • How you can assess the emotional body and get a better sense of your emotional health
  • Ways you can benefit from embracing emotions and changing the relationship you have with your emotions
  • The difference between emotions and feelings
  • How your mind impacts your emotions and what you can do about it
  • 5 emotional wounds that lead to emotional reactivity and how you can heal them in 5 steps
  • What is emotional awareness and how you can embrace your emotions
  • Exercises to improve your emotional awareness
  • What behaviors influence your emotions and how it impacts you
  • Two breathing techniques that will assist you in finding inner peace amid chaos
  • How you can feel at peace in all situations of life
  • Methods to reconnect with your emotions and embrace them
  • What is emotional intelligence and 4 ways you can improve it
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your emotions, what they are trying to communicate to you
  • How to be more self-aware and improve how you reactions during conflict
  • 7 techniques to eliminate anxiety in your life
  • Over 50 additional resources that will deepen your knowledge on how to master your emotions and be free of anxiety
  • And much more!


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