Brain Hacks for Focus While You Work

Brain Hacks for Focus While You Work

Wondering how to increase your productivity, creativity and efficiency? A simple tip you can use to focus while you work is to move your mouse and put it on your left. 

How does this work you ask? Well for one thing it forces you to use a different part of your brain – the right hemisphere to be exact, which controls movement in your left side. Over time this can help encourage ambidexterity, and that in turn can have a number of positive outcomes for your brain, like increasing your spatial awareness, your memory and possibly even your creativity (it improves communication between your brain’s two hemispheres which has been proven to be useful in a number of studies). 

As you create more neural tissue to learn this left-handed dexterity (of course, you’ll put it on the right if you are left-handed!) your brain becomes better at adapting and changing, therefore making it easier to learn other new tasks.

One thing though, putting your mouse on the left side will make it more annoying to use. This is not helpful  if you are sending a lot of work e-mails or doing other important jobs that require a mouse, but in other instances it can actually be a good thing. That’s because controlling a mouse with your left hand will likely be enough to deter you from going for a browse online or searching through YouTube. This in turn results in you being more focused on the work you’re doing and getting it completed in a more timely fashion. 

All these benefits just from putting your mouse on the left! What else can you do this easily to have such productive effects on your ability to focus while you work and with greater efficiently? 

Stand Up 

Just as using your left hand can elevate your creativity and memory, standing up can also improve your focus at work and help you to stay productive for longer. The reason being, standing up will cause  your heart to work harder which will enable the delivery of more oxygen and nutrients around your body and to your brain.  

Standing up while working can have other beneficial effects outside of your productivity – it will help you to burn more calories for instance and can also help to improve your posture, alleviating back problems that many associate with working in a desk chair. 

However, studies have shown that sitting down promotes focus when engaging in complicated tasks, so the best way to work is to answer e-mails standing up and then to sit down when you want to sink your teeth into something more complex. 

Oh, and data shows getting more exercise boosts memory across the board too!

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