15 Tips For Working From Home

15 Tips For Working From Home

Don’t Procrastinate

We’ve all heard of writer’s block, well it doesn’t just happen to writers. It’s another way of saying starting a project is always the hardest part. To continue the metaphor, don’t just stare at the blank page, start as soon as possible and plow on. You can always go back and fix it if you need to. Check out our top 15 tips for working from home.

The One Minute Rule

If you have a small job to do, finish it right away. By reducing your to-do list, you feel a lot less stressed.

Start Early

Starting early in the morning will free up your day for other things, and you’ll feel super productive!

Eat The Frog

It sounds unpleasant because it is, but it’s worth it. Get the horrible stuff done first. It’s better behind you than in front of you!

Block Out Distractions

When working from home it’s important to try to get into the zone. If you have noisy distractions, Invest in headphones to make this easier.

Rewards & Downtime

You can’t be focussed for 8 hours straight, so make sure to build in some downtime to your day. Maybe try meditation.


A good night’s sleep will have an impact on your productivity. Put this on high priority.


Make time for some daily exercise. Try going out for a morning run, or a 20-minute workout at home.

Get Some Sunlight

Don’t shut yourself away for days on end; we need sunlight, failure to do this can have adverse health and focus consequences.

Eat Properly

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day; if you want to be productive, this is a must.

Get Dressed

Don’t work in your pajamas! It sets the wrong tone for the day and makes you feel less productive.

Use Technology 

For example, with an Apple Watch your notifications are on your wrist (keeping you away from your phone)

Have Some Social Interaction

Social interaction is essential if you want to stay sane! Try calling a friend when you’re taking a break.

Start Tomorrow’s Job

If you get today’s work done early, think about making a start on tomorrow’s work that way, you don’t have to start a new task first thing in the morning – which is hard!

Create Accountability

Give your clients a completion date if you can; this will motivate you to be productive.

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